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Tratamientos faciales


Revitalize Your Scalp


Our custom head spa services cater to a wide range of needs, including dry scalp, itchy scalp, oily scalp, clogged follicles, irritation, thin hair, and hair loss. We use only the highest quality organic products to aid you on your healing journey. Our techniques are tailored to your specific scalp and hair concerns. Let yourself unwind in one of our private head spa rooms with an invigorating massage, deep cleaning, and blood circulation stimulation for your scalp. We believe that your hair's health is a reflection of your scalp's health, just like plants in soil.

Choose from 45 mins $105

 80 mins-$165


Terapia de Masajes

Servicios de uñas

French Manicure

manicura spa


Pecicura Gel Spa


Gel de manicura


Pedicura de lujo


Pedicure spa


Pedicura en gel de lujo



Gel Polish ------------------------------------------------------ $20

Paraffin (Pedicure)------------------------------------------- $25

Foot Massage ------------------------------------------------  $35

Menú Depilación


Cejas - $20.00

Labio - $10.00

Mentón - $15.00

Pierna completa - $75.00

Media Pierna - $45.00
Brazo Completo - $55.00

Medio Brazo - $40.00

Debajo del brazo - $25.00

Nariz - $20.00
Cofre - $60.00
Atrás - $65.00

Biquini - $45.00

Brasileño - $65.00

Tratamientos Corporales

Eleve su experiencia

Estos complementos le ayudarán a llevar su experiencia de spa al siguiente nivel.

Mascarilla Facial Hidro-Jelly

Esta increíble mascarilla tiene beneficios súper ricos e hidratantes.



Un maravilloso tratamiento para eliminar el vello velloso y la piel muerta.


$60 - adicional al tratamiento facial

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